Outdoor events & Weather:


If you are hosting your party outdoors, be sure to have an alternate location in case weather conditions turn bad. Please make sure the outdoor area is clean and shaded. The location must be free of dirt, mud, rain and wind. Our Characters are wearing high-end costumes that cannot risk being stained, or wind-blown. The performer reserves the right to leave the location if she is being subjected to rain or wind that is damaging to her costume or wig. On sunny days, please provide a shaded/covered area for the performer.


Cancellation Policy:​


Once we receive your deposit, we will reserve your desired time and date for you on the performer’s schedule. Once you have booked with us, you will have 48 hours (after we received your deposit) to cancel to receive a full refund on your deposit or we will gladly work with you to find an alternate party date for your consideration. If after that time, you choose to cancel our services for any reason more than 7 days prior to your event, 50% your deposit will be refunded unless rescheduled. If you cancel our services all together after paying full invoice balance less than 7 days prior to your event, you entire deposit is non-refundable.


Late Fees:


Any parties book less than 7 days of scheduled event date will be charged a $25 late fee. 





Our intention is not to violate any copyright laws. The characters we portray are generic, fairytale characters. Each princess or character is unique in costuming patterns, design and fabrics. We call them by their fairytale names, that originated long before they were put into cartoon movies. Capes & Tiaras does not provide characters from copyrighted sources. Any resemblance to copyrighted characters is not by design.



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